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The expert network for a winning business

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Benefit from a unique and personalized contact with a network of multidisciplinary experts

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Business owners, we know what drive you!  

You have a thousand ideas in mind, a hundred projects in progress and dozens of emails to send in the next hour!  You have priorities and have already postponed the search for an expert many times .e which would allow you to improve your processes and materialize your development strategy.


Leaders de Valeur brings to you the experts who share your taste for independence, your attachment to a job well done and your deep values. Our network contributes to your net business value: use your instincts and emotions to better your business relationships.

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You are a talented and experienced consultant and you would like to dedicate less time to business development? You prioritize your clients success even if it sometimes means setting aside your own growth objectives?

Leaders de Valeur offers the strength of the network to facilitate your business development. Keep your independence while expanding your clients database thanks to Leaders de Valeur. Be chosen you as an expert for your expertise but also for the person that you are. Create net business value in line with your core values and use to your instincts and your emotions in your business relationships.

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Whether you are a born entrepreneur with a strong belief in your instincts, a passionate self-employed worker, or a business owner concerned with balancing efficiency economic and social equity in your business relationships, Leaders de Valeur highlights the talents you need and lights your way with pragmatism.  


We rely on your personal values to drive your performance. We help you create net business value from your core values while providing you with the keys to achieving your goals. your success and change the face of business.


WHO AM I ?  

I am  Céline Morellon,woman passionate about life and human nature. I am also : 

CHRP, TRIMA certified.

- a generalist manager recognized for her efficiency, her agility and her keen sense of mobilizing her teams.


I guarantee convincing results through an ethically irreproachable process, coaching, change management, team support and individual growth. Since 2019, I sit on multiple Board of Directors including the Order of Nurses of Quebec, Concertation Montréal or la Fondation de l'ordre des CRHA du Québec.

Surrounded by talented professionals who share your values and want you to benefit from their support in extremely varied fields, I have your development and your success at heart. 

Join me today and together let's light the way to your success ! 

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Our commitment 

Value Leaders   offers a network as well as a wide range of services and tools to help you succeed. We work with you, step by step.  

Thanks to our advanced evaluation system and our proven selection tools, Value Leaders   offers you a bank of consultants and entrepreneurs in your image. Our experts are paired with you according to your values, credible and experienced. Our entrepreneurs are divided according to their values and the personality of the case manager.
ENTREPRENEUR.ES, choose your expert from our selection and entrust him with your mission with confidence. 

Contact us to find out more.

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